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runnersAudio Bible MP3 Voice Only and Dramatized Narrated By Alexander Scourby

Litchfield Associates retained Alexander Scourby to narrate the Audio Bible Mp3 in Voice only and Dramatized Bible verses. Both the Voice only and Dramatized Bible verses are very popular Bible readings. Please sample the dramatized Bible verses to the right. Click below to order the Audio Bible Mp3 Audio Bible in Voice only, Dramatized or order both and get a discount. You will download them to your computer first and then you can transfer the files to your Mp3 player, iPod or to iTunes.

Contrary to popular belief, the Mp3 Audio Bible Verses in Voice only and Dramatized narration by Alexander Scourby remains a very popular Bible Verse. Users tell us they like the fact they can put the Bible Verses on their computer, then transfer them to their Mp3 player or iPod and even put then in iTunes. To reward all long-term customers, and as a courtesy to all new customers, Litchfield is now offering an outstanding discount offer if users buy both the Voice only and Dramatized, and get all other downloads offered on our site for 50% off. Order today and listen to the “Voice of the Bible” read your favorite Bible Verses to you. See the entire offer shown below.




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