The James Bible has endured the test of time. First published in 1611, it’s still regarded as the most accurate and treasured Bible ever published. It poetically expresses the sheer beauty of the English language in a way that no other Bible simply cannot express. Did you know that thousands of people were killed in 14th and 15th century England for reading or speaking the Bible in English? This was due to a law that made it crime, punishable by death, for anyone to speak or write words from the Latin Bible in English. Thousands of people were burned at the stake for committing that crime. This short 29-minute video tells the stories of committed men of God who gave their lives so we can have a Bible in English. The video portrays the story of William Tyndale, the first to publish a Bible in English. Mr. Tyndale was burned at the stake on October 6, 1536 for the crime of translating and publishing an English Bible. Although this video is short, it’s a Video you will never forget. You will learn things you never knew about the men who defied a King and a pope to get Gods word in the hands of common people of England. This video will surely give you a new appreciation, knowledge and understanding of the enduring King James Bible and why it’s still the most accurate.

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