Did you know that today there are over 100 different Bibles in English? Most of these modern day translations were printed in the last 50 years. Why are there so many different English Bibles? Where did they all come from? Are they all saying the same think? If not which one is the most accurate? This short 8-minute video compares different verses from the King James Bible and other newer translations. You will be shocked to discover that some Bible verses are missing and some other Bible Verses are saying something completely different than the original, tried and true, King James Bible. This video documents the proliferation of English Bibles since the King James Bible was first published in 1611. See how the modern day English Bibles stacks up against the original tired and true 1611 King James Bible. Which Bible today is the most accurate and authentic? You will discover the answers to that and much more in this video. Again this is a video that you will never

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