The custom Playlist feature for Scourby You Bible App was ranked number 1 by Theology Degrees. This feature, along with the each verse being put into its own Mp3 file, enables uses to search for Bible Verses, create a custom playlist and then put the selected verse into the custom playlist. The Bible Verses can then be arranged within the playlist anyway the user wishes and the Bible App will play back the verses in the Playlist with text and audio synced together. The Playlist feature is so powerful that if a user wanted to they could create a playlist called “My Bible Playlist”, rearrange every verse in the Bible different and the Bible app would play it back with text and audio synced together.

Another feature that makes the You Bible App number 1 is the Bible verse Sharing feature. Users can then share Bible verses to friends and family, along with a personal noter, via Face Book, Twitter, Email or text. The features also makes this app a number 1 Bible App for Bible Study. However, a final feature that really makes the You Bible app number 1 is the narration of Alexander Scourby. The Chicago tribune said that Scourby has the greatest voice ever recorded. Go to and listen to Scourby narrate selected Bible verses and see if you agree with the Chicago Tribune. Also if you missed what Theology Degrees said about their number 1 ranking you can click here and read it.

Theology Degrees ranks Scourby Bible App #1 out of 25 Best Bible Apps

if you agree with the Chicago Tribune then order a Bible app for your iPhone or Android Phone, or an audio Bible Mp3 download for your computer and MP3 player, and start experiencing the Bible in a whole new way. Listen to the Greatest book ever written, narrated by the Greatest voice ever recorded. It’s an unparalleled combination and I would add, a combination made in heaven.  This app is truly a number 1 Ultimate Bible App for Bible Believers!

Jeff Johnson

Download Today and Start Experiencing the Bible in a Whole New Way

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