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You Bible App World-Class Features

You Bible App is a jam-packed feature-rich Bible app that permits users to share all 31,102 Bible verses via email, text, Face Book and Twitter. To assist Christians in getting a complete understanding of each Bible App feature, Litchfield has a help file in the Bible app menu that has complete details how each feature works along with instruction videos.


If you click the corresponding image the modal pop-up will provide you crucial details about each You Bible App feature.  Learn more about all of the world-class Bible app features and get your Bible app or Mp3 audio Bible today. Download all 31,102 Bible Verses today of the King James Bible and start accessing the Bible verses in a whole new way.

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Bible App Search Engine for Words and Phrases.

You Bible App contains a search engine to find words and phrases. The search engine informs users how many times the search criteria appears in the various Bible Verses in both the Old and New Testament.

The Bible app search engine functions rapidly to provide instant search results of the relevant Bible Verses where you search word appears. A search engine feature is perfect for situations where immediate follow-along is desired such as during group Bible studies, during Church services, and for all other spontaneous look-up circumstances. The Bible verses are also great for sharing with family and friends along with a personal note and for the creation of playlist that have your favorite Bible verses.

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Share Bible Verses with Family and Friends

The Bible Verse sharing feature is one of the most favorite features in the You Bible App. Users can look up any verse and the share it with family and friends via Email, text, twitter or Face Book. Users can also write a personal note and send it along with the shared Bible Verse. Users have commented about the positive feedback they receive from people they share Bible Verses with, many saying it was just the Bible Verse they needed that day.

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Search for Book, Chapter, and Bible Verse

You Bible App has a friendly interface that permits users to easily look up a Book, Chapter and Bible Verse. Just tap on the desired Book, user is prompted to select the desired Chapter and lastly the Bible Verse.

The Bible App is optimized for fast loading and instant link results. It enables users to stay on course during Bible studies. To quickly look up Bible verses during Church or for selecting Bible verses for a custom playlist and to share with family and friends.

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You Bible App My Maps Feature

You Bible App contains a my maps feature. The map regions  are depicted relevant to the time of David, Solomon, Jesus, and Paul. The my maps functionality shows an area to be established for the Twelve Tribes of Canaan, where Jesus traveled, and Paul’s journeys and more.

The You Bible App’s my maps feature offers an exceptional visual aid for You Bible App users gaining a more specific understanding of the geographic locations relating to specific Bible verses.

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Bible Verse Playback Speed Feature

You Bible App contains a Bible Verse playback speed feature. Giving the Bible app user the ability to modify playback Bible Verses at a slower or faster speed. This is a very popular feature since some like to speed up the Bible Verse narration to get through the Bible faster and others like to slow the Bible verses down for better understanding and listening enjoyment.

You Bible App’s Bible Verse playback speed ranges from slow, normal, and up to 2X speed. There are selections for 1.25, 1.50, 1.75, and up to 2X playback speed.

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You Bible App Bible Verse Bookmark Feature

You Bible App contains a bookmark feature forBible Verses. The Bible app user can bookmark favorite Bible Verses, bookmark particular or relevant sections of the Bible, or utilize the bookmark feature to quickly pick back up after a brief interruption.

The Bible Verse bookmark feature is perfect for Bible Study for students of the Bible, no matter what age. To book mark a Bible verse you just swipe to the right and presto, it’s bookmarked. Bible Verse Bookmarks can be easily deleted as well.

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Bible App Reading Plan Feature

You Bible App contains a reading plan feature.  This permits users to set a reading plan to get through the Bible in 12, 9, 6 or 3 months. The reading plan  with calculate the number of Bible verses that need to be delivered to the user daily to get them through the Bible in the time they selected.

There are 31,102 Bible verses in the KJV Bible. The You Bible App gives the user ability to set up their reading plan to deliver the correct number of Bible verses for the selected reading plan time frame.

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Bible App Custom Playlist Feature

This is by far one the favorite feature that enable users to easily create any number of custom playlists. Users can search for Bible verses and simply add those Bible verses to their own custom Playlist by just tapping on the screen and selecting add to Playlist.

Users can even share their Bible Verses along with a personal note with family and friends with the Bible App’s sharing feature. Users can create any number of custom playlists, and even share that Playlist with others, who have the Bible App on another device. User’s have told us they have created a Playlist of Bible verses for sleep time. They commented that listening to Bible Verses while sleeping resulted in not only a good night sleep, but waking up feeling refreshed.

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Bible App Narration & Text Highlighting Feature

The Bible App delivers narrated Bible verses synced with the audio with active text highlighted. This active highlighted text enables Bible App users to easily follow along by reading Bible verse as the identical Bible verse is narrated by Alexander Scourby.

Studies show, when users read and hear at the same time, the user’s comprehension, retention and understanding improves. The improvement occurs because users are utilizing two different parts of the human brain, one part of the brain for reading and one part of the brain for hearing.

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Bible App Note and Verse Sharing Feature

The Bible App contains a note and verse sharing feature permitting users to share their notes and Bible Verses with friends and family via text or email, or post them on Facebook or Twitter. The note and Bible verse sharing feature is an easy way to share inspirational Bible verses within in your Bible community.

Sharing Bible Verses with a note is great way to encourage, inspire and enlighten friends and family. User have told us they get great feedback about a Bible verse they shared as being just what was needed that day. Bible Verses are not just nice saying, they are Words of Life.

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Bible App My Groups Feature

The Bible App contains a my groups feature. The my groups feature is a convenient platform whereby the user gets to add and save contact information of family, friends, classmates, and other groups and  associations.

With the my group contact information the user can send Bible Verses with an inspiring message, a note, or  links and other Biblical information to each member of the collective group. This type of group is great for users communicating with classmates, Bible study partners, or just a group who you want to sahre Bible Verses with.

By capturing and saving my notes, the user attending Bible College has increased their time-management skills. My notes provides a storage method to keep track of Bible verse snippets for future reference purposes.

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Bible App Settings Feature

The Bible App contains a my settings feature. The my settings feature is a tool box wherein the user gets to make changes personalized for use by that user. The user can increase of decease the size of the Bible Verses, put Jesus’s words in read, turn on night mode, select their reading plan and make other selections.

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Bible App Loop a Bible Verse Feature

You Bible App contains a Bible Verse loop feature. The Bible Verse loop feature is coded to loop a current Bible verse, a current Bible chapter, or loop a current playlist of your favorite Bible Verses. This type of loop mode functionality is desirable for several reasons.

The Bible Verse loop is a great tool for memorizing Bible verse, or during group Bible study among a large group setting. The Bible Verse loop functionality is great to loop a playlist of Favorite Bible Verses, or just to listen to a playlist of calm and inspiring Bible Verses while resting or sleeping.

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Bible App History Feature

Bible App contains a my history feature. The my history feature is coded to track all the Bible Verses you have read and to track your progress as you work through the KJV Bible. Each time a users loads a Bible verse the history updates to show that most recent Bible Verse read.


The my history feature is convenient when a user loses track or forgets where that user left off. The my history feature is an enduring memory of your prior Bible verse, chapter, and book visit.

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Bible App Data Backup and Restore Feature

Bible App contains a data backup and data restore feature enabling users to backup and restore Bible Verses and Bible App data, including custom playlist, notes, bookmarks, etc. The backup and restore feature is essential if anything happens to your device, if your device crashes or when you buy a new device.

The backup is stored in the cloud, therefore users simply login to the cloud and download their custom Bible App data directly to their new device and easily restore Bible Verses and app data that are stored there.

Bible App Features

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