The first Android phone was launched on October 20, 2008 by T-Mobile.  It was running Android 1.6 donut, with 192 BM RAM and 256 ROM.  It was launched approximately 16 months after Apple launched their iPhone app.

WhatsApp Image    atThe Google Play store opened in 2012, offering apps for the Android Phone. This brought together Google Music and the Android App Market and started Google Android App digital distribution plan. Shortly thereafter, Litchfield Associates developed a Bible App for Android, to run on the Andorid phone and made it available on the Google Play Store. Once again, the company was the first to offer a Bible app on the Google Play Store. The Bible App for Android has become a very successful app on the Play Store for Bible App Android users.  According to Google, as of January 2017, the Google Play Store featured over 2.7 million Android Apps and the Scourby You Bible App has become one of the most desired, and is available to users in over 140 countries all over the world.
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In every country there are many Christians and people who want to learn English. As we stated before, one of the ways they teach people to learn English is to give them a book and an audio of that book, and tell them to listen to the audio and follow along in the Book. This can be cumbersome since you have to manage both a book and audio player. However, with the Bible App on Android, the users can hold one small device in their hand, with the text and audio synced together, and active text highlighted in a color. The Bible App on Android has become a very useful tool to teach people how to speak English.  Here is what one user said in Lithuania:

“I downloaded You Bible App to Android phone 6 months ago just to listen to Bible in English. I know little English, I look at different Bible Apps, but bought you Bible App on Android becaus I love Alex Scourby Voice. Was surprise my English got better and better, I also learn many Bible verses using app verse repeat. I also share Bible verses with others on What’s app, I use voice recorded to practice English. Thanks for this wonderbar product and making the Bible App for Android, I use it everyday”.  

Get your Bible App on Android today, and start experiencing the King James Bible in a whole new way.