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What is the You Bible Partner program?

You Bible, The Ultimate Bible App, is the most advanced Bible App on the market. We also offer our companion MP3 Audio Downloads, for computers, MP3 players and iPods. All this media is narrated by Alexander Scourby, “The Voice of the Bible”. You Bible is the perfect Bible companion, at the ready for instant access and inspiration… anytime/anywhere. The You Bible App, with it’s patent pending features is the most advanced Bible app on the market. On a personal level, the You Bible App is a powerful resource to get God’s Word out to believers, and non-believers in your community.

On a broader level, the You Bible Partner program is a way for individual Businesses, Christian Ministries, Christian Blogs, Churches and other non-profits, to partner with us, using the You Bible App, to disseminate the Word of God worldwide reaching millions. Aside from the partner’s earning a 20% commissions on all sales, this is a powerful and effective way to get the Word of God literally into the hands, and at the fingertips, of users in your community and beyond.

A recent poll found that 81 percent of Christians think that Christianity is under attack and losing influence in the world. We hear in the news almost daily about Christians being persecuted and killed somewhere in the world. Partner with us today and help turn this around!! You may not be a pastor, missionary or Sunday school teacher, but with our partner program, from your home, at your desk, on your computer, and being connected to the Internet, you can start connecting with potentially thousands and help get the Word of God out on the World Wide Web.

The You Bible App has a great feature that allow users to input multiple email addresses into a group list. Users can then select a Bible verse and write a personal message and with a quick tap, you email it, twitter it, Face Book it or text it to all you the people in your group list.

The opportunity. Mobile devices and application software developed for those devices and the Internet has now made it possible for you to connect with people in your community, your country and beyond and share with them the good news about the words of truth and life. You never know what a timely shared Bible verse and message may have on the recipient, in some cases it could even save a life.

In 1611, when the King James Bible was first printed, they only had the Gutenberg press. Now we have the Internet, worldwide web, websites, Email, FaceBook, Twitter, Texting, Pinterest, Linkedin, and other social media platforms. These platforms can instantly reach millions! So doesn’t it just make good sense to use this amazing new technology and start “connecting” and “go into all the world and preach the gospel”.

People spend hours a week on the above platforms posting, communicating and pining all kind of things. Imagine the affect, if you would take just a little time every week and started connecting with people in your social community, sharing a Bible verse and words of encouragement using You Bible App. You could also post and email links to You Bible videos on You Tube from your computer and mobile devices! Then Imagine, if just a small percentage of the recipients would do the same? It would create a digital tsunami of truth and life that could sweep your community and beyond.

So Partner with us today and become part of the solution, and in the process see the bread that you cast upon the waters come back to you ten fold. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step and the first step is to get your very own You Bible App and join our partner program. It’s simple and fast, just click on the banner below.

God has always used man’s inventions to get his word out to his people, You Bible is the newest invention that can be effectively used to do just that.

How does the You Bible Partner Program Work?

It’s simple. You sign up to become a partner and supply your Web Site URL. You will then be assigned a tracking number for your Web Site by Digital River, and every order that is placed from your Web Site is tracked. Digital River is a multi billion dollar company and a leading provided of payment processing systems and digital downloads, and is providing these service to You Bible.

Digital River has developed a very sophisticated partner software program that permits them to fully manage the You Bible Partner program. This includes, tracking all orders that comes in through your web site. Then on a monthly basis they calculate all sales and commissions due and make an ACH payment directly into your Partner bank account. You Bible pays for all payment processing and download delivery fees, so the 20 percent is net to the Partner, which is $4.00 on $19.99. However, partners often earn more since users often buy other downloads offered on our site for a 50% discount after the initial purchase of any item over $19.99

Partners will put a simple banner on the home page of their website telling customers about the You Bible App and Mp3 Audio Downloads. When your customer clicks on the banner they will be taken to a special landing page on the Digital River site to order and all orders will be tracked. Upon sign up, Digital River will assign a tracking code to the partner Website URL that will enable them to track all sales generated by the Partner web site. (see banners below that you can use or create your own)

Can I join the Partner program if I do not have a website?

No. At this time it’s a requirement that all Partners must have a web site. But if don’t have one, then consider creating one and partnering with us.

Below are You Bible Demo Videos that you can post on your site that shows how the App works and also let users hear Alexander Scourby, the Voice of the Bible. These videos are also posted on the Digital landing page to viewed as well.

Click on the link below and fill out the Partner/Affiliate form. It’s free and easy. We will approve you as a partner and then Digital River will email you the tracking code for your website. When filling out the form, make sure you check all available items we are offering to include in the Partner program. You can make a difference and please encourage others to partner with us as well.


If you have any questions please email us at [email protected]

All the best and may God bless you in all your endeavors as you listen to his Word.

You Bible Partner Program


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After registration you will receive a new affiliate ID, which will be used to track your sales and pay out your commissions.

Click the link below to download our banners and create a hyperlink for the banner on your site to the eCommerce Product page:

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You can also create your own banners for your site.

Behind the banners make sure to insert your “unique affiliate hyperlink” (which you will receive in your affiliate activation Email) in order to track your sales and leads correctly.

In your affiliate activation E-Mail you will receive a unique hyperlink, which contains your affiliate ID. You will need that unique hyperlink to point your visitors to our shop and receive your commissions.

Please follow the link above in order to continue your partnership with Scourby Bible Media. We are happy to welcome you once again as a partner in our new affiliate platform (MyCommerce Share-it).

Any questions? please email us at [email protected]