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Benefits of Having the Bible on Mobile Devices. The PopeThe Holy Bible King James Version was first published in London England in 1611.
Recently Pope Francis said this in St Peter’s square: “What would happen if we treated the Bible like we treated our mobile phones?” “If we turned around to retrieve it when we forgot it?” ‘If we carried it with us always, even a small pocket version?” “If we read God’s messages in the Bible like we read messages on the mobile phone?”

The Pope was on the right track in making that truthful statement. Now that’s all possible with the Bible App. You won’t have to remember to get your Bible when you leave home, because it will be on your mobile phone. The Ultimate Holy Bible App can now be with you and near you, at the ready, for instant access, inspiration and encouragement; when you need it, anytime anywhere. Imagine what a blessing it would be to have this amazing new tool at your fingertips in your mobile phone?

yelThere are numerous Bible Apps on the market, just like there are numerous Bible Versions, but there is only one original Bible App narrated by Alexander Scourby, whom the Chicago described as, “having the greatest voice ever recorded”. The merged power of the Holy Bible, Alexander Scourby’s voice and smart phone technology, now makes it possible for you to have the Greatest Book narrated by the Greatest voice at your fingertips. The Pope is on to something and in fact, like millions of others, he now has the You Bible App on his mobile device. Download it today and keep the Scourby Bible app at your fingertips for instant accessing.

Make the Bible App your perfect Bible Companion and the newest way to access the oldest book. What would happen if everyone had the Bible on their mobile device? Probably change their life and help to change the world.

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  1. Peter Loew

    by Peter Loew13 on 2016/05/26 18:21 Used
    The you Kjv Bible app is Perfect for Bible Study, it’s my favorite Bible App and I like it much better than Youversion. Alexander Scourby’s voice is absolutely the best there is none to compare. Amazing. It get 5 stars plus

  2. john Robinson

    I use the KJV Bible App regularly it is well laid out, easy to use and most importantly allows one to listen to the word of God anywhere. The Playlist and sharing feature are my two my favorite and of course Scourby narration in just amazing.

  3. Michael Walters

    Thank you for this great Kjv Bible app that has the Bible read to me. Alexander Scourby has the most awesome voice I have ever heard. There is way more to this app than I thought! I am very happy with it. It really is the No. 1 KJV Bible App on the market.

  4. Saul Weaver

    I really enjoy what you’ve done with the updates for the Holy Bible App. It brings me great joy to listen to The Word while I am at work, and I have heard no one read the Bible better than Alexander Scourby ever and I have listened to dozens read the Bible over the years. I find great pleasure in this Holy Bible App and listen the Scourby read the Word of God to me. You have done a great job.

  5. Douglas Whipple

    Scourby Holy Bible app is just awesome. Got the very first one out and have been using the App since 2008 and the upgrades just kept getting better and better. The Scourby Holy Bible App in the No 1 app on the market

  6. Dwayne Crawford

    I really like this Holy Bible App and recommend it to all my friends and family. It is truly the best Bible App on the market without question. I like to put my favorite Bible verses in a playlist and listen to them while I sleep. I give it 5 stars and would give it a hundred if I could.

  7. James K. Spain

    I have long sought a Scourby audio Bible app for my iPhone. This Holy Bible App is excellent. I am totally happy with this Bible app, the quality of the product lead the way and it’s the No 1 Bible App. This is a greatest Bible app one could ever hope to discover.

  8. David Fromm

    The best Bible App available for a variety of reasons. First no better narrator than Alexander Scourby reading the King James Version. These are the two most important factors; Scourby has a beautiful, articulate voice, and he reads in a smooth, calm, and rhythmic way. Very pleasant. The application itself is hands free and the Holy Bible app auto scrolls through the scripture verses, in a variety of fonts and backgrounds, there is a bibliography and other settings. Very cool. Worth every dollar. The King James Bible is the best book ever, and Scourby does the best reading –His narration is just mesmerizing! This is by far the Best Kjv Bible app on the market.

  9. Elizabeth Foster

    Look no further, this is the best Holy Bible app you will ever find. I have tried most of them trying to find on better than Scourby Kjv Bible app and none exist. So don’t waste you time trying to find a better one, you won’t find it. Love being able to put my favorite Bible verse in the custom playlist. Great for Bible verse memorization.

  10. Gary Cardenas

    The Scourby Holy Bible App is the best of the best. His narration should get an academy award. With this Kjv Bible app, you can listen to God’s word even with the screen clicked off, so the battery use is negligible. You can search a word and create a playlist and then play it as you go to sleep, so that it doesn’t just play all night. Or you can create a playlist of your favorite passages, even several chapters, and turn it on as you start to wake up. For my kids I made a playlist of favorite Bible verses for them to enjoy. This Bible app is really worth much more than the phone. Thank Jesus for his gift of eternal life through his blood he shed when he died, was buried, and rose again, and for freely giving us his precious word which so many have given their lives to hold. If you cannot afford to be without this Holy Bible app!!!!

  11. Jacalyn V. Holland

    I love this Holy Bible app. It allows me to go to different parts of the KJV Bible app and listen and see the text as it’s being read. Scourby’s narration is the best and features are the best as well. I appreciate the fine work that been done to create such a useful Bible Study resource tool. Love being able to put my favorite Bible verses into custom playlists. It had to be labor of love to create such a work of art. For me this is my most valued treasure I can use for a lifetime

  12. Timmy S. Dowler

    You simple can’t beat the voice of Alexander Scourby, he should have gotten an Oscar for his performance reading the King James Bible like he does. Many famous movie stars have long been gone, but Scourby lives on through his wonderful reading of the KJV Bible and blesses millions daily. The Scourby Holy Bible App is the best Bible App I ever found and I have tried dozens. This is the best Bible Study app I was ever able to find, so I stopped looking and just enjoy this Bible App daily. Don’t know what I would do without it.

  13. Henry W. England

    I love this holy Bible app so much- I have a version this Bible App for my iPhone and couldn’t do without it. No one reads the KJV better than Scourby. I also have this KJV Bible App o my iPad. I seem to get much more out of it by being able to look at Scripture while listening.

  14. Corey P. Tucker

    The biggest draw for me with this Holy Bible app is in the way that it helps my understanding of the Bible verses- so many times understanding is influenced by the way a Bible verse is read. The inflections of voice, the pauses or stops at various places-all make a difference in the way the passages are understood. Then too, is the pronunciation of all of those Biblical names! It’s just a shear pleasure for me to listen to the Genealogy of Jesus in Mathew 1 and hear Scourby pronounce all of those unpronounceable names. I must have listen to Mathew 1 dozens of times and am amazed each time. All in all, an outstanding KJV Bible app for my daily reading of the Word- is great for my daily Bible Study. I find myself spending more time in the Bible with my best Bible companion as Scourby effortlessly and majestically reads the Bible to me. Love it and highly recommend this as the Best Bible App you will ever find.

  15. Judith J. Lawson

    Great holy bible App. I have been listening to Scourby for years and there is no better Bible Reader in the World. I think God predestined Alexander Scourby’s reading of the Bible from the beginning of time, because there is no one in the world that can read the KJV Bible app the way he does. I really imagine him reading the Bible to Jesus in heaven. I love hearing socurby read all the bible verses and they jump alive with meaning when I hear them. I thank God for this one of a kind narration.

  16. Cecelia Ashford

    I really enjoy this Holy Bible app. The playlist feature is awesome, and it’s even more awesome with the automatic repeat feature that was added in a recent upgrade. The playlist feature is an awesome to in the way it helps in memorizing Scripture. It’s wonderful for Bible Study and I get a lot more out of the Bible when I hear scourby narrate the bible verses. This gets 5 stars from me. No better Bible App features and no better narrator. It’s No 1, and there is none other that’s comparable to this great KJV Bible App.


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