Bible Reading

There are 31,102 Bible Verses in the Bible. Bible reading remains a source of inspiration for Bible Believers Worldwide. Christianity is the largest religion worldwide with approximately 2.2 billion people and growing. Approximately 80 percent of Americans identify themselves as Christians. All of them depend on the Bible as their source of inspirational truth. The you Bible App makes it more convenient than ever before to access the Bible as never before.

In America, daily Bible reading is a source of daily inspiration for approximately 50 Christian denominations. All of the people in those dominations rely on the Bible for daily Bible Reading and daily inspiration. The King James Bible is still the most popular version and is still regarded as the most accurate Bible Translation. See these two great videos about the King James Bible. and You will learn many new things you never knew from these two videos and they will give you an new appreciation for the Holy Bible.

Tens of millions of people in America find inspiration from daily Bible reading following their faith as born-again Christians. Many Christians have Bible Reading plans to read the Bible in a year. You Bible has a state of the art Bible Reading plan that includes a one year Bible Reading plan. Today’s Bible Reading plans are very versatile and users of the You Bible app can even customize their Bible Reading plan so they can get through the Bible in 9, 6, or 3 months.

Until not to long ago, if you wanted to access the Bible and read it, you would have had to do it like they did in 1611, when the King James Bible was first published, and pick up a book for your daily Bible Reading. However, now you can download the Ultimate Bible App and have it on your mobile devices, and have it near you, for instant access anytime and anywhere. Now with the You Bible app, not only can you read the Bible, but you can also hear it narrated at the same time, by the Voice of the Bible Alexander Scoruby. Studies have shown that when you hear and read the Bible verses at the same time, comprehension and understand is increased. So download the Scourby You Bible App today, and start experiencing the Bible in a whole new way.





Bimodal Bible Reading

The KJV of the Holy Bible was written in English and has been published billions of times since the 1600’s.  At all times since the 1600’s, a traditional Bible reading occurs when a person begins to read Bible verse from their Holy Bible. This type of traditional Bible reading was inspiring but caused frustration to many people across many developing nations.

In the 1600’s, many faithful Christians in England were uneducated and unable to perform their own Bible reading.  In the 1600’s, King James ordered the Church to designate educated parishioners to perform Bible reading to inspire the uneducated faithful Christians. The narration of the Holy Bible by Bible reading led to a substantial expansion of the Christian faith throughout developing nations.

Utilizing the You Bible App provides an award-winning narration of the Holy Bible by Alexander Scourby. In the modern world, the You Bible App displays highlighted Bible verse which is being narrated by Alexander Scourby while the faithful Christian reads along and accomplishes a bimodal Bible reading.

The bimodal Bible reading occurs when the Bible verse is being narrated by Alexander Scourby while the person is contemporaneously reading-along those identical Bible verses.

Research indicates advantages of bimodal Bible reading:

  • Improved Bible reading and recital
  • Improved Bible reading concentration
  • Improved Bible reading confidence during Bible study group recital
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