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Bible Verse Commentary
Genesis Chapter 1 King James Bible 

Bible Verse Commentary overview

God makes paradise and earth. (1,2) The making of light. (3-5) God isolates the earth from the waters, and makes it productive. (6-13) God shapes the sun, moon, and stars. (14-19) Animals made. (20-25) Man made in the picture of God. (26-28) Food designated. (29,30) crafted by creation finished and affirmed. (31)

Bible Verse Commentary on Bible Verses 1 and 2.

The main section of the Bible gives us a wonderful and helpful record of the starting point of the earth and the sky. The confidence of humble Christians comprehends this superior to the extravagant of the most learned men. From what we see of paradise and earth, we get familiar with the intensity of the incomparable Creator. Furthermore, let our make and place as men, help us to remember our obligation as Christians, dependably to keep paradise in our eye, and the earth under our feet. The Son of God, one with the Father, was with him when he made the world; nay, we are regularly informed that the world was made by him, and nothing was made without him. Gracious, what high musings ought to there be in our brains, of that incredible God whom we love, and of that extraordinary Mediator in whose name we ask! What’s more, here, toward the start of the consecrated volume, we read of that Divine Spirit, whose work upon the core of man is so regularly referenced in different parts of the Bible. Watch, that at first there was nothing alluring to be seen, for the world was without shape, and void; it was disarray, and vacancy. In like way crafted by beauty in the spirit is another creation: and in a clumsy soul, one that isn’t conceived once more, there is turmoil, perplexity, and each abhorrent work: it is unfilled of all great, for it is without God; it is dim, it is haziness itself: this is our condition ordinarily, till Gods elegance and grace works his ways in us.

Bible Verses Commentary of Genesis 1:3-5

God stated, Let there be light; he willed it and spoke it into exixtence and there was light. Goodness and creation in the world and in his people is the very nature and expression of God! Furthermore, in the new creation, the principal thing that is fashioned in the spirit is light: the favored Spirit works upon the will and affections by illuminating the comprehension. However, that is suppose to be what his creation exhibits. God’s people are intended to be the light in their homes, commuinty and in the world, if the Son of God had not come and given us understanding to the above as expressed in 1 John 5:20, then that truth may have been hidden and lost. God created and It’s the resonsiblity of the creation to spread God’s turth and light around the world.

Bible Verses Commentary of Genesis 1:6-13

Before God spoke his creative word the was empty and void and there was no life. However through God’s word the earth came to life brimming with God’s wealth and beauty. The earth, at God’s directive words, delivers grass, herbs, and organic products and life of every sort including human and animal life.

Bible Verses Commentary of Genesis 1:20-25

God spoke into existence both fowl and fish as well as birds and all form of animal life.   The God’s wisdom and power are to be appreciated as we appreacite and ponder the miracle in all life and respect it

Bible Verses Commentary of Genesis 1:26-28

Man was made finally the animals: this was both a respect and some help to him. However man was made that day that the monsters were; his body was made of a similar earth with theirs; and keeping in mind that he is in the body, he occupies a similar earth with them. God prohibit that by reveling the body, and its wants, we should make ourselves like the brutes that die! Man was to be an animal not the same as the sum total of what that had been up to this point made. Fragile living creature and soul, paradise and earth, must be assembled in him. God stated, “Let us make man.” Man, when he was made, was to praise the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Into that incredible name we are submersed, for to that extraordinary name we owe our being. It is the spirit of man that particularly bears God’s picture. Man was made upstanding, Ecclesiastes 7:29. His understanding saw Divine things plainly and genuinely; there were no blunders or slip-ups in his insight; his will assented without a moment’s delay, and no matter what, to the desire of God. His affections were all ordinary, and he had no awful cravings or interests. His considerations were effectively conveyed and settled to the best subjects. In this way heavenly, along these lines glad, were our first guardians in having the picture of God upon them. Be that as it may, how is this picture of God upon man destroyed! May the Lord restore it upon our spirits by his beauty!

Bible Verses Commentary of Genesis 1:29,30

Herbs and organic products must be man’s nourishment, including corn, and every one of the results of the earth. Give God’s kin a chance to provide reason to feel ambiguous about their consideration him, and not be beset about what they will eat, and what they will drink. He that bolsters his winged creatures won’t starve his darlings.

Bible Verses Commentary of Genesis 1:31

When we come to consider our works, we find, to our disgrace, that much has been awful; yet when God saw his work, everything was great. Great, for it was all similarly as the Creator would have it to be. Every one of his works, in all spots of his territory, favor him; and in this way, favor thou the Lord, O my spirit. Give us a chance to favor God for the good news of Christ, and when we think about his god-like power, let us delinquents escape from the fury to come. On the off chance that new-made unto the picture of God in heavenliness, we will finally enter the “new sky and new earth, wherein dwelleth nobility.

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