Bible Verse of the day. There are 31,101 Bible verses in the King James Bible and all of those verses are in the Scourby You Bible App. Everyday. The Bible App displays a Bible Verse of the day, each and every day, which can be shared with others along with a note. The Bible App also has a custom playlist that users can use to select any Bible verse they want and create a playlist of those desired Bible Verses.

For example there are love bible verses, encouraging Bible verses, hope Bible verses, friendship Bible verses, Faith Bible verses, healing Bible verses, Christmas Bible verses, peace bible versus, forgiveness Bible verses, strengthening Bible verses, inspirational Bible verses and many others.  A user could create a playlist for the above theme Bible Verse and search and find the appropriate Bible Verse for each theme and then put it into that playlist.

For sure believers need Daily Bible verses or a Bible Verse of the Day, just like we need daily food. Bible verses nourish the spirit, just like food nourishes the is necessary to keep our spirit feed. The You Bible App and Audio Bible is a tool to provide you with gardens full of your daily Bible verse to keep you spiritual nourished. Decide right now to get a steady diet of you Bible verses of the day to keep spiritually nourished. The Ultimate Bible App has a rich garden of Bible Verses and is just waring for you to download it today so you can start to harvesting the many nourishing Bible verses that are awaiting you.

If you already don’t have the Ultimate Bible App, download it today and start getting the nourishment  you need and deserve. Get the number 1 Bible App and start experiencing the Bible in a whole new way.

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