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Bible App Commentary of Genesis 6 
King James Bible 

This is a standout amongst the most noteworthy parts in the Bible, as prove by the N.T. references to it. As over and over stressed in this arrangement, the way to understanding the O.T. is an intensive learning of the N.T., and hence we will initially audit the status of this part as uncovered in the N.T.




The Flood as Reorded history.


1 Peter 3:20: “The forgiving of God held up in the times of Noah, while the ark was a planning, wherein few, that is eight spirits, were spared by water.”


2 Peter 3:5,6: “This they unshakably overlook, that there were sky from of old, and an earth compacted out of water and in the midst of water, by the expression of God; by which implies the world that at that point was, being flooded with water, died.”


Jews 11:7: “By confidence Noah, being cautioned of God concerning things not seen so far, moved with authentic dread, arranged an ark to the sparing of his home; through which he censured the world, and progressed toward becoming beneficiary of the exemplary nature which is as per confidence.”


Matthew 24:37-39: “And similar to the times of Noah, so will be the happening to the Son of man. For as in those days which were before the flood, they were eating and drinking, wedding and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah went into the ark, and they knew not till the flood came and removed them all; so will be the happening to the Son of man.”


The chronicled truth of the occasion before us is therefore completely insisted by the expressions of both Christ and his missionaries. The all inclusive, overall degree of it is an essential derivation from the reality of Christ the Lord having made it a kind of the all inclusive and last judgment of mankind, and from the further truth of the missionary Peter’s having made the salvation of Noah and his family “through water” a sort of the salvation of the congregation through Christian submersion (1 Peter 3:21).


The run of the mill idea of the occasion is additionally clear in Christ’s having assigned the solidifying and gross underhandedness of mankind going before the flood a prescience of the manner in which it is preceding the Second Advent of the Lord. Most researchers appear to be absolutely uninformed of this; yet we are appreciative that Francis A. Schaeffer precisely recognized the verifiable association between this part and the apocalypse with the Second Advent and the Final Judgment. He perceived the occasions related here as “parallel”[1] to the Second Coming of Christ. (See Luke 18:8).




To begin with, the prelude to the debacle going to be connected is given in Genesis 6:1-4, where the dynamic declining of evil outcomes in the withdrawal of God’s Spirit (Genesis 6:3), with the resulting solidifying of humankind. Divine judgment is reported as the result of the sad condition brought upon themselves through their complete dismissal of God; subtleties of the judgment are given, and the special case to be made for Noah is declared (Genesis 6:5-8). Purposes behind the special case being put forth in the defense of Noah are given (Genesis 6:9-12). God educates Noah on the best way to fabricate the ark (Genesis 6:13-17). God sets up his contract with Noah (Genesis 6:18-22).


Bible Verse Commentary 1-2


“Also, it happened, when men started to duplicate on the essence of the ground, and girls were conceived unto them, that the children of God saw the little girls of men that they were reasonable; and they took them spouses of all that they picked.”


The issue that promptly goes up against us here respects the personality of the “children of God.” All endeavors to recognize these with blessed messengers or other extraordinary animals ought to be rejected.




The reasons why this section can’t be connected either to holy messengers or to other powerful animals are as per the following:


No heavenly attendants have been referenced in the Bible so far, and the supposition that they show up in Scripture under the title “children of God” is illogical.


The expression “children of God” is no place in the Bible, either in the O.T. or on the other hand in the N.T., connected to holy messengers. The entries as a rule refered to where this articulation is supposedly a reference to heavenly attendants have no reference at all to blessed messengers, the word holy messengers not in any case showing up in such references as Job 1:6; Daniel 3:25; and Psalms 89:6, the sections refered to by Elliott.[2]


In the N.T., especially, it is individuals who are driven by God’s Spirit who are designated “children of God” (1 John 3:1; Romans 8:14; Galatians 4:6, and so forth.).


There are just two classes of blessed messengers, the heavenly holy messengers, and the holy messengers of Satan (fallen holy messengers); and neither one of the classes could be seen here. Blessed holy messengers would not have prompted men to sin; and the fallen heavenly attendants, in a million years, could never have been assigned by the Holy Spirit as “the children of God!”


Note too that these “children of God” “took them spouses of all that they picked,” an undeniable reference to marriage; and Jesus our Lord straight announced that holy messengers don’t wed (Matthew 22:30). The legend seekers who endeavor to drag folklore into this entry are negated by this, and we may just grin at a portion of the strategies of shirking utilized. Skinner, for instance, subsequent to referencing this, expressed, “Yet this must not be pressed.”[3] Indeed, why not? We are enchanted to “press it” as a total invalidation of the mistake of discovering “heavenly attendants” in this entry.


In the event that heavenly attendants, or other powerful animals, had been at fault for the gross mischievousness going to wrap humanity, at that point God would have declared their discipline and decimation, rather than the discipline and demolition of men. The individuals who might want to put the fault for human revelry upon the heavenly animals are baffled by the way that God’s discipline dependably falls upon the liable, and that it was men, not blessed messengers, who got the discipline here.


The two classes of men obvious in these stanzas had just been cautiously presented in Genesis 4 and Genesis 5, the children of men (in their solidified state) being the line of the Cainites, and the “children of God” being the general population in the line of Seth. Researchers who deny the conspicuous solidarity and coherent succession of this account are, obviously, absolutely ignorant of this.




The profound educating of Noah’s redemption has dependably been perceived by Christians, who find in the ark an image of the congregation into which they are conceded by submersion, God consequently generous accommodating their liberation from the fierceness and pulverization due to sin.[4]


Unger assigned “the ark as a sort of Christ, the preserver of his kin from judgment”[5] These perspectives, in any case, are not opposing, for it is similarly valid for both. The congregation is the profound group of Christ; and therefore the ark is a kind of Christ as well as of his congregation.




It was the water of the flood that isolated Noah from the defiant country that died; and it is the water of Christian submersion that isolates between the spared today and the rebellious who die.


Noah’s approaching from the waters to live again on the earth may fitly be called his being “conceived of water.”[6]


Similar waters which crushed the old world were those which spared Noah by withstanding the ark and conveying him to originality of life. To make sure, it is the water of submersion that devastates the underhanded today, as in they disdain it, defy God’s direction, decline to obey it; or, in the event that they permit it by any means, downsize the need or significance of it.


Similarly as the water isolated Noah from the past and conveyed him to another presence, it is the water of sanctification that isolates the Christian from his past and from which he like Noah, emerges to “stroll in novelty of life.”


A similar component is instrumental in the salvation of Noah and that of the Christian, in particular, water, the very same sort of water (whoever knew about various types of water?). It’s anything but a profound submersion that spares men; it is water sanctification, as the agreement demonstration of acquiescence to the edict of Almighty God.


It was the water that washed away the rottenness of that age; and it is sanctification that, in a figure, washes away the wrongdoings of men who are getting to be Christians (Acts 22:16). “Emerge, and be submersed, and wash away thy sins.”


Just a couple were spared through the flood, and Christ has cautioned that just a couple will be spared (in the relative sense) unto interminable life (Matthew 7:13,14).


Note likewise that just those in the ark were spared, and that, also, just those in Christ have the guarantee of interminable life.


Further remark on Genesis 6:1: The basic importance of this much-talked about section is that the honest component of humanity relinquished the chance to stay away from the intemperances of the Cainites through unbridled intermarriage with the devilish component of the populace. In all ages, God has cautioned his youngsters against being “unequally burdened together” with unbelievers (2 Corinthians 6:14). It was the prime law of God’s dealings with old Israel that they should isolate themselves totally from the agnostic world around them; and by no means were they permitted to intermarry with agnostics. That which debases and pulverizes the house is a similar thing that obliterates the whole network of adherents. It is the dismissal of this, even in our own age, that is stripping the congregation of any compelling observer against flourishing insidiousness. In the circumstance before us, the outcome was soon the articulate debasement of humankind.


Bible Verse Commentary 3


“What’s more, Jehovah stated, My Spirit will not endeavor with man perpetually, for that he likewise is substance: yet will his days be a hundred and twenty years.”


This flags the withdrawal of the Holy Spirit from the individuals who previously had solidified their hearts against God, and we find in this the principal Scriptural case of Judicial Hardening, a marvel saw over and over all through the Bible. It isn’t so assigned here, however that is certainly what it is. This is equal all around to Paul’s announcement with respect to a later underhanded age that, “God surrendered them …” (Romans 1:24,26,28). This is not the same as making men sin, however it generally prompts the multiplication and power of transgression. It implies that God will, finally, permit men the directly of picking sin, on the off chance that they should. We will experience this marvel over and over in our investigations. The outcome in this example of it was the finished debasement of humankind (Noah and his family excepted), after the way depicted beneath in Genesis 6:6-8. Paul likewise depicted a similar condition in Romans 1. “God surrendered them.”


Bible Verse Commentary 4


“The Nephilim were in the earth back then, and furthermore from that point forward, when the children of God came in unto the girls of men, and they uncovered youngsters to them; the equivalent were the powerful men that were of old, the men of eminence.”


“The Nephilim were in the earth in those days …” This is a reference of when the unlawful relational unions multiplied and speaks to those relational unions as “an occasion that pursued the presence of the Nephilim.”[7] We should subsequently differ with Willis who suspected that the setting here “proposes that the Nephilim were the youngsters destined to the children of God and the girls of men, and who turned into the powerful men of old.”[8] On the other hand, the Nephilim existed when the corrupt relational unions came into view.


“The relentless men that were of old …” Some of the more established variants render this word as “mammoths” rather than powerful men. In spite of the fact that almost certainly, the men in view were men of extraordinary physical stature, the idea seems to relate more to their endeavors of brave and savage deeds. This could be a reference to the Nephilim previously referenced, however Keil and others suspected that the reference is to the children of the blended relational unions. In neither one of the cases, is there any reference to other-worldly or superhuman begetters of these powerful men. Such perspectives are expected exclusively to the blunder of “analysts who have been obliged to embed them here to spare their other-worldly marriages!”[9] As to the significance of “forceful men,” the most plausible elucidation “is what comprehends them as men of brutality, wandering, uncivilized gallants.”[10] “The term in Hebrew suggests less the possibility of extraordinary stature as of heedless fierceness, irreverent, and brave characters, who spread obliteration and gore far and wide.”[11] The present century has seen the presence of a similar sort of “strong men”: Kaiser Wilhelm, Benito Mussolini (Il Duce), Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse-tung, and so forth. Such men were alluded to in this section as “men of fame”! Some trustworthy exegetes trust that the educating here demonstrates that these (or possibly some of them) were family created by the blended relational unions, in any case, if that is the comprehension of the spot, there could have been no association between these “men of fame” and the Nephilim, as of now referenced as existing when those relational unions happened. Regardless, the supposed joining among powerful and individuals is totally unfamiliar to everything in the Bible, and especially to this entry.


Bible Verse Commentary 5


“Also, Jehovah saw that the fiendishness of man was incredible in the earth, and that each creative energy of the musings of his heart was just abhorrent ceaselessly.”


What is unmistakable here is the complete debasement of humankind. The very fortress of human life, the heart, which in Hebrew idea implied the psyche, was dedicated solely to the consideration of fiendishness, and there were no special cases. Besides, there were no men anyplace (with the special case noted in Genesis 6:8) who shifted from this example; and there were not in any case any events when any man left off the psychological quest for fiendishness! It is hard to devise a sentence that would any more adequately depict the debasement of mankind than does Genesis 6:5. This is the consequence of the legal solidifying forecasted by Genesis 6:3 in which such a condition was anticipated in the anticipated withdrawal of the Spirit of God from “endeavoring with” man, is drastically apparent.




The whole Bible manages the marvel of Judicial Hardening, and this is its primary example. Just four such events are clear in the Holy Scriptures, the others being: (2) the solidifying of the whole pre-Christian world (Abraham excepted), as clarified in Romans 1; (3) the solidifying of the entire of humanity (aside from a leftover) at the season of the First Advent of Christ, and (4) the last legal solidifying of the whole world only preceding the Second Advent of Christ, as delineated in Revelation 16.


It is fitting enough, and completely as per what is uncovered in the prophets that the judgment should at last come toward the finish of the fourth Great Transgression of mankind. We trust that the exceptional articulation discovered multiple times in the opening parts of the Book of Amos is expressly identified with the grouping given above. That articulation is:


“For three transgressions of Damascus, yea for four, I won’t dismiss the punishment…” – Amos 1:3.


This articulation is rehashed verbatim, (just the name of the wrongdoer being changed in each reference) no under multiple times; and for each situation was trailed by the burden of perfect judgment and discipline against the guilty party. As it was with them, who show up here as predictions and tokens of a definitive judgment upon all humanity, so will it be with the whole Adamic race, which is currently set out toward its fourth and, we trust last, solidifying preceding the Second Advent and last judgment before the Great White Throne. Absolutely, we may expel as unimportant absence of acumen the insightful announcement that this eight-times-continued cautioning in Amos was only an artistic gadget of the prophet. In each case of his utilization of it, he stated, “In this way saith Jehovah.”


Bible Verse Commentary 5

What’s more, it apologized Jehovah that he had made man on the earth, and it lamented him at his heart.


What is implied here is that, “God in consistency with his unchanging nature, expect a changed position in appreciation to changed man.”[12] The articulation that God apologized (Jonah 3:10), or as here, “It atoned Jehovah,” can’t allude to any adjustment in God; for as Malachi put it, “I, Jehovah, change not” (Malachi 3:6).


The solidifying and defilement of all humanity having turned out to be aggregate and last, God declared the rundown discipline and devastation of it; yet before reporting the idea of the pulverization, he showed Noah as an exemption, through whom a fresh start for humankind would come.


Bible Verse Commentary  7


“Also, Jehovah, stated, I will decimate man whom I have made from the essence of the ground; both man, and brute, and crawling things, and fowls of the sky; for it repenteth me that I have made them.”


The solidifying and debasement of all humanity having turned out to be aggregate and last, God reported the outline discipline and demolition of it; however before declaring the idea of the pulverization, he showed Noah as a special case, through whom a fresh start for humankind would come.


Bible Verse Commentary  8


“Be that as it may, Noah discovered support according to Jehovah.”


It isn’t to be presumed that Noah was immaculate, a quality that never related to anybody other than the Son of God himself. By the by, as clarified in the accompanying sections, Noah was plainly separated from the widespread debasement that generally immersed the entire of mankind. There was adequate blessedness in him to make conceivable God’s utilization of him as the second incredible begetter of humankind.


Bible Verse Commentary  9-12


“These are the ages of Noah. Noah was an exemplary man, and impeccable in his ages; Noah strolled with God. Also, Noah conceived three children, Shem, Ham, and Japheth. What’s more, the earth was degenerate before God, and the earth was loaded up with viciousness. Also, God saw the earth, and view, it was degenerate; for all tissue had undermined their way upon the earth.”


Here afresh is the incredible divisional marker in Genesis, the Hebrew word, [~toledowth]; and, as in every other occasion of its utilization, there is summarization in that which pursues, alongside the expansion of supplemental data. The names of Noah’s children had just been reported in Genesis 5:32. Some trust that Shem was the most established, because of his being referenced first, however Unger thought this was because of his situation as leader of the Messianic line. It truly has little effect.


“Noah was an upright man …” This does not allude to the inborn exemplary nature of Noah but rather to his status according to God. In Hebrews we discover that “by confidence” he obeyed God and turned into the beneficiary to the uprightness which is as indicated by confidence (Hebrews 11:7). (See more on this under The Covenant, underneath.)


“Impeccable in his ages …” The last proviso is limitive, passing on the feeling of relativity with respect to Noah’s flawlessness. That is, in correlation with the general population among whom he carried on with, his life was flawless in seeing God.


“Earth was loaded up with viciousness …” This is supplemental to what was uncovered in Genesis 6:5 in regards to man’s underhandedness. Abhorrent, as exhibited in the life of Cain, the primary killer, dependably issues finally in unreasonable, horrible brutality.


“All tissue had adulterated their direction …” Note that the underhandedness and over the top wilderness and brutality that stamped human lead were the aftereffect of their own behavior. They had defiled their direction. It was not, thusly, the consequence of intermarriages with superhuman creatures that delivered the revelry of humanity; it was essentially because of their persistent decision of shrewdness lead. There is a vain pride innate in the possibility of all men that, some way or another, man isn’t generally to fault for the shocking behavior which is shown by him in his stroll upon earth, however the Bible will have nothing of such a view. At the point when men foul up, it isn’t some extraordinary malevolence that is its birthplace, and society isn’t to be faulted for it, however the complete accuse must rest decisively upon the PERPETRATORS of malice deeds. This articulation has the utility of putting the accuse where it had a place.


Bible Verse Commentary  13




“What’s more, God said unto Noah, The finish of all substance is preceded men; for the earth is loaded up with viciousness through them; and, see, I will pulverize them with the earth.”


The comprehensiveness of the pulverization is obvious in the words “end of all substance.” The works of cynics to make some neighborhood occasion out of the demolition declared here are disappointed by the presence of an extraordinary and general flood in the legends all things considered, even those of American Indians. In the event that there was no all inclusive flood, how could such a reality be represented? Other than that, the presence of marine fossils upon all landmasses at rises of extremely incredible stature can’t be clarified separated from what is composed here. Maybe it might be conceded that a flood immersing the all out region of the possessed earth would sufficiently satisfy what is in view here, yet even such a confinement as, that can’t be demonstrated and isn’t defended as an elucidation.


“With the earth …” Not just life, yet the physical condition of the earth itself would be included by this. What is implied is that a calamitous aggravation of the entire planet would accelerate adverse changes in the earth itself. We have officially seen that the basic reason fundamental quite a bit of man’s hypothesis about the past is established upon the announcement that, “Everything proceed as they were from the formation of the world.” We realize this is false, as authenticated by the witness Peter (2 Peter 3:4); however mainstream researchers themselves are additionally starting to comprehend the deception of the decree. Francis Schaeffer makes reference to in detail the case of ancient well evolved creatures of incredible size having been revealed in the solidified squanders of Siberia, a region expected to have been consistently cold for a huge number of years; but, at whatever point those tropical animals solidified, it occurred so rapidly that the plants found in their mouths, neither release nor gulped, were still during the time spent being eaten! As Schaeffer stated, “It’s not possible for anyone to clarify this … nobody!”[13] Thus, the reality of fiasco is unquestionably a component to be figured with. It is authenticated both by the Word of God and proof from the common world in which we live. We trust that the occasion in view here is just that, an essential disaster of epic measurements, and that the Genesis record is a precise history of it.


As over and over watched, the progressions that pursued this calamity filled in as augmentations of the primitive revile put upon the ground for the good of Adam, additionally that changes of a deteriorative sort are as yet occurring through repeating catastrophic events, for example, seismic tremors, volcanoes, floods, storms, climate changes, and so forth., and, besides, that every single such thing are judgmental in nature, anyway aimless they may give off an impression of being.


Bible Verse Commentary  14-16


“Make thee an ark of gopher wood; rooms shalt thou make in the ark, and will pitch it inside and without with pitch. Also, this is the way thou shalt make it; the length of the ark three hundred cubits, the expansiveness of it fifty cubits, and the stature of it thirty cubits. A light shalt thou make in the ark, and to a cubit shalt thou complete it upward; and the entryway of the ark shalt thou set in the side thereof; with lower, second, and third stories shalt thou make it.”


It is outlandish from this portrayal for men to make an outline or reproduction of the ark, just the general measurements being related here. By the by, what we are aware of it is great enough. Obviously, the length of a cubit (typically held to be the length from the elbow to the tip of the all-inclusive center finger) is unsure, yet around 18 inches is the base length doled out to it. Following that gauge, the measure of the ark was 450 feet long, 75 feet wide, and 45 feet high. Schaeffer expressed that these are actually the components of The Great Eastern, the extraordinary ship utilized in laying the principal North Atlantic cable.[14] Those measurements would give a perusing of more than 1,500,000 cubic feet, with more than 100,000 square feet of deck space. The dislodging tonnage of such a vessel has been put at 43,000 tons,[15] with a compensation load limit of 32,800 tons.[16]


“Gopher wood …” It isn’t known precisely what this was, however it is normally expected to have been cypress, of which wood there is a bounty in the upper Mesopotamian valley where the ark should have been manufactured. The “pitch” was black-top, or some other oil subordinate. It would have had the utility of making the specialty watertight.


The ark was intended just to drift.


“Furthermore, this is the manner by which thou shalt make it …” Of specific significance is the reality of God’s having given the measurements and determinations for the ark. Noah was not a pontoon engineer, and similarly as God later indicated Moses the example for the sanctuary, so likewise here, God gave the example of that which spared Noah and his family. The example originated from God. In perspective on this repetitive reality in Scripture, it is a gross blunder to assume that men may make God’s congregation after any example they wish to pursue.


Bible Verse Commentary  17


“What’s more, I, view, I do bring the surge of waters upon the earth, to wreck all tissue wherein is the breath of life, from under paradise; everything that is in the earth will kick the bucket.”


This is the primary notice of the instrument of demolition, despite the fact that it was evident before in the giving of directions for an ark. The widespread, overall nature of the calamity is completely expressed; and along these lines we so comprehend and decipher it. Whatever issues there may be with this, we will not endeavor to determine them. Any broad data about precisely what happened isn’t accessible. What is given is for our guidance; and the significant exercises determined in this manner are the extraordinary weight of the section in any case.


Bible Verse Commentary  18


“Yet, I will set up my contract with thee; and thou shalt come into the ark, thou, and thy children, and thy spouse, and thy children’s wives with thee.”




It is surprising how little consideration is paid to God’s pledge with Noah, which is by a wide margin the most critical thing in the section, in that the reclamation of the whole human race a while later is most doubtlessly associated with it. Whitelaw discounted it as the “officially notable covenant”[17] that God had made with man. Willis thought it was the rainbow covenant;[18] and Keil’s absolute remark was that, “With Noah, God made a covenant!”[19] The need for this contract got from the way that the guarantee of liberation God had made to Eve (Genesis 3:15) was clearly going to be revoked and dropped through the passing of all humankind, as God had quite recently reported. Shouldn’t something be said about the Seed (solitary) who might squash the leader of the Serpent? This agreement was God’s game plan with Noah, whereby the Seed would be conveyed through him and his descendants. Aalders precisely watched this:


“Noah need not be apprehensive … he would endure this judgment. Furthermore, as Noah’s a piece of the pledge, he was required to accept and comply with God’s statement, construct the ark as per God’s directions, and afterward enter it with his family. In that way just would he be saved.[20]


Directly here is the absolute first notice of pledge in the whole Bible; and innate inside it is the disclosure of the manner in which that God’s New Covenant ought to be comprehended. Despite the fact that the gatherings of such an agreement are in no way, shape or form level with, yet there is a section for each to satisfy. Noah satisfied his piece of it in the way depicted in Genesis 6:22, underneath. So, he DID what God instructed him to do. That is the way in which he “by confidence” moved toward becoming beneficiary of the nobility that is “as indicated by confidence.”


Directly here is additionally the genuine clarification of how Abel offered the “more superb” penance than Cain. The instances of Noah and Abel lie one next to the other in Hebrews 11, where it is connected that every one of them “by confidence” was well satisfying to God. The precise explanation behind Abel’s activities being satisfactory to God are not related in the Bible, however they are described in this record concerning Noah. Along these lines, whatever Noah did, it is sheltered to get it as a clarification of what Abel did. For Noah’s situation, he essentially and dependably trusted God and did precisely what God told him to do (Genesis 6:22), and the thought that Abel was gotten and his offering acknowledged upon some other premise than his having done precisely what God had directed him to do is absolutely inadmissible. The hypothesis such that some abstract demeanor with respect to every one of those siblings brought about the penance of one of them being rejected and that of the other being gotten as satisfying to God couldn’t in any way, shape or form be right. The certifiable salvation “by confidence” comes just from accepting and obeying God. “Confidence stops by hearing God’s oath” (Romans 10:17).


It ought to be clear that Noah was, it might be said, his very own friend in need, and furthermore that his salvation got from the effortlessness and leniency of God, that Noah did not gain it, nor did he merit it, however that he couldn’t in any way, shape or form have been spared separated from his dutifulness to God’s decrees. This is the ideal similarity of the manner in which miscreants are spared by OBEYING the gospel under the generous terms of the New Covenant.


“Also, thou shalt come into the ark …” This is the rundown of the pledge understanding by which Noah and his family were to be spared. Nothing could have profited for him and his separated from this key activity of entering the ark. For men today, Christ, that is, his otherworldly body, the congregation, these being one and a similar thing, is the ark into which men must enter to be spared.


Bible Verse Commentary 19-21




“What’s more, every living thing of all tissue, two of each sort shalt thou bring into the ark, to keep them bursting at the seams with thee; they will be male and female. Of the flying creatures after their sort, and of the steers after their sort, of each crawling thing of the ground after its sort, two of each sort will come unto thee, to keep them alive. What’s more, take thou unto thee of all nourishment that is eaten, and assemble it to thee; and it shah be for sustenance for thee, and for them.”


This is a synopsis of what was to be done, and God would give further directions to Noah later. The way of his bringing such a large number of animals into the ark was to be clarified later. Additionally, the necessity that nourishment ought to be interpreted was later expounded as meaning taking seven sets of clean animals rather than just a single pair as it may have appeared from this synopsis.


These stanzas have mixed the creative energy of humanity more than everything else in the record; however the straightforward words here are for the most part that we can truly think about the scene. Troublesome inquiries might be raised, whimsical clarifications offered, and egotistical disavowals yelled against it, however the sacrosanct record stands! We get it as the Word of God. The enormous thing in the account, all things considered, isn’t the subtleties of what God instructed Noah to do, as certified by the last refrain in the section.


Bible Verse Commentary 22


“Therefore did Noah; as indicated by all that God told him did as well; he.”


Through Noah’s confidence and dutifulness, under the beauty and leniency of God, a fresh start was accomplished for humankind.


It is suitable to contemplate the tremendous idea of this present man’s confidence in what God let him know. Such a flood was an appearing inconceivability. The N.T. uncovers that Noah lectured (guided by the Spirit of Christ) for somewhere in the range of 120 years amid which time he was setting up the ark, lecturing those individuals of his own age who more likely than not derided and put down him. How they more likely than not hooted about that insane elderly person and his building such a beast of a watercraft. How was he regularly going to get 45,000 tons moved in one piece to the water! What a trick they thought him to be! They thought they were denouncing him. As a matter of fact, it was HE who denounced them

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