The download Bible narrated by Alexander Scourby is now available on The Download Bible audio has been newly remastered and was ranked # 1 by Theology Degrees and other website. The Chicago Tribune wrote that Alexander Scourby has the greatest voice ever recorded. Now you can get that greatest voice ever recorded narrating the greatest book ever written. Once you download the Bible audio to your computer, you can then upload it to an Mp3 Player, iPod or to iTunes. also has the a Bible App that was also ranked # 1 by Theology Degrees. The Bible App has a custom playlist feature that permits users to create playlists of their favorite Bible verses. Each Bible Verse has its own Mp3 file. This permits each of the entire 31,102 Bible Verses the Bible App to search and place the desired Bible Verse into a playlist. Users can create any number of custom playlists, and then rearrange the verses within the playlist. When users hit the Play button, the Bible App plays the Bible verses in the custom playlist with text and audio synced together. NO OTHER BIBLE APP HAS THIS FEATURE. Daily Bible verses can also be shared with others via email, text, Face Book and Twitter.

The download Bible, which is the King James Bible, also has a reading plan that enables users to get through the entire Bible in 12, 9, 6, or 3 months. This is very useful to help people stay on schedule to get thought the Bible in a certain number of days. If you select a 12 month Bible reading plan, it will play about 25 minutes per day and that will get you through that Bible in 365 days. Selecting 9 months will be 50 minutes per day, 6 months 75 minutes and say and 3 months 100 minutes a day. As you see spending a little time each day will get you through the entire Bible sooner than you think.

If you don’t have a download Bible, here is your opportunity to get one right now. Just click on the order icon now below. If you want to order a Bible app for iPhone or iPad you must order it from the iPhone store. Those icons are also below.

Mary Brown

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