The best way I found to read the Bible in one year is with the Scourby Bible App. Did you know that if you listen to the Bible just 20 minutes a day, you will finish it in one year and if you read the Bible for 40 minutes a day you can read the Bible in just 6 months?

There are many benefits to reading or listening to the Holy Bible every day.  Some of the most powerful Bible verses are in John 15, where Jesus uses the metaphor of the vine and the branches to paint a picture that life apart from him just doesn’t work well.  A branch gets its nourishment from the vine or trunk. In the same way, our spiritual nourishment comes from the 31,102 Bible verses in the King James Bible. God speaks to his people through his Word, and Jesus tells us the Word of God is spirit and life. .

The KJV Bible APP is a very effective and profound way to listen to the Bible everyday since the text and audio narrated by Alexander Scourby are synced together with the active verse highlighted in yellow. The Holy Bible APP makes is easier than ever before to read the Bible as slow or as fast as you like. The KJV Bible App has an electronic bookmark that will take you back to where you left off, as well as a history of what you have already listened to. If you want to finish the entire Bible in less than a year, simply increase your daily listening time.

Whether your phone is an iPhone or Android, or a tablet, the Scourby Bible App will will give you a whole new way to access the Holy Bible.

I got my scourby Bible app for my iPhone on the iTunes store and just love it, it’s the best app on my phone and the app I use the most.  enjoying the many benefits of the newest way to access the oldest book.

Jennifer Chan