The Alexander Scourby online Bible App is always online. You may ask what does that mean? Many don’t know that most Bible Apps that, are on mobile devices, are off line. What does that mean?  With most Bible Apps, when users press the play button on their app to listen to the Audio Bible, it streams the audio from the “Cloud”, the audio in not online it’s offline. This can present problems for the user if there is a poor internet connection or no connection. However, the Scourby Audio Bible and Bible App is an online Bible. The audio is downloaded directly to the app and is contained in the device and is ready for instant access and doesn’t depend on streaming the Bible Audio from the cloud.This takes up a little more room in  your device, but you have the audio in the device and not somewhere else.

It would be like reading a book that has blank pages and when you turn the page the words magically appears on the page so you can read it. It’s the same kind of thing with an offline Bible. Technology has provided a way for developer to be able to stream the audio on demand from some place else when the user hits the play button and it magically appears on demand. However, that has proven to be problematic for the user since streaming audio on demand is not stable or certain. There are any number of things that can go wrong to keep the audio from reaching the Bible App player.

The developers of the Scourby Bible App and Audio Bible send the application software and the audio in one shrink wrapped package, so to speak, so is together and always an online Bible Audio that is there when you want it 100% of the time. It won’t have to magically appear when you hit the play button. Don’t settle for 2nd best, make sure when you get the Ultimate Bible App or Audio Bible it’s that you have a true an online Bible. If you don’t have a true online Bible, then order one right now from below. If you have an iPhone or iPad you will have to go to the iTunes store and download it from there.

Mary Brown

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