“He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.”—Matthew 10:39

What is it in this life that is so valuable that a man will hold fast to it with both hands, making him incapable of grasping that

which is freely offered by the nail-pierced hand of Jesus?

“… I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” [John 10:10]

Any thinking man, if he thinks about it at all, recognizes the fact that his days are numbered from the day of his

well-recorded and celebrated birth to the as yet unpublished day of his mortal death.

The life that is lived between those two dates determines the life that is lived thereafter.

A man will search his house high and low to find something that has been misplaced—a favorite book or well-worn tool—and will reluctantly submit to re-purchasing

it once he has declared it lost and lost forever.

But what of that man’s soul?

Has he any awareness at all that his soul, be default, is destined to destruction, under the curse of Adam’s sin?

He cannot, unless by the mercy of God he is led to realize that his soul is in immortal peril, and that the mercy of God that led him to this awareness will, at the

moment of decision, provide a way of escape—if only he would choose it!

How many men and women are in Hell at this very moment because they ignored the promptings of the Holy Spirit to

bow their hearts to Christ and accept His free gift of salvation?

They chose instead to keep the mortal life that can be lost, rather that gaining the immortal life which is secured by trusting in Jesus.

The Lord Jesus Christ, Who is Lord of all His creation whether His created beings care to acknowledge it or not, owns the soul, and is quite jealous of how it is used.

Our reflection for today: are you holding on to a what—or to a Who?

Would you like to learn how you can have eternal life?

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Free in Christ,

James D. Courtney

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