It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life. John 6:63

Would you like to spend more time connecting with the Holy Bible and the Word?  I think most of us would, but we all struggle to find time to read the Bible, let alone for Bible study.  For example, I find myself running around all day trying to keep up with my busy schedule and then I realize I didn’t have time for Bible study. When looking for a better way to study my  Bible, I have found  no better way than the Scourby Bible Study app.

The Scourby Bible study app syncs the Bible verses with the voice of Alexander Scourby, who majestically narrates the Bible like no other.  You will be tuned into every word he reads like a laser as you get the full power of have the text and audio hitting your your heart and mind at the same time. I have found this dual sensory presentation really does at understanding into the Words of spirit and truth.

Most of us use some device or computer to access the internet while waiting for something or on somebody.  During those times, rather than playing a game or surfing the web, I just tape on the icon to Scourby Bible App and inspiration and encouragement is at my fingertips and I really get caught up in the spirit of God’s Word.  Imagine having the You Bible App at you fingertips, when you want and need it. There is something both awesome and comforting having this Bible app near me at all time and just a click away.  There is no better way to redeem my time than getting the word of God on my phone or tablet.

It’s amazing to have the Bible App with me on my cellphone wherever you go and to hear the right words of encouragement that helps me when I need it.  It’s so very important for my relationship with God, with also with others.  Being able to connect to His Word as I commute to and from work is just another great way to redeem my time and hear the words of truth and life. The Scourby KJV Bible app gives users multiple capabilities and features such as a customized reading plan, instant searches, playlist creation, notes bookmarks and sharing is my favorite.  . I use it the first thing in the morning and the last thing I do at night. Using the Scourby Bible APP to help me stay connected to the Bible and His Word anytime and anywhere!

Annette Johnson