You Bible App Testimonials

You Bible App is best combination of Word and Tech.

Consumers would pay at least that much just to get this Bible app in audio format, all the rest of the You Bible App features are a plus!
You Bible App Customer
Using the iPad and iPhone with the You Bible App.
Al Stoner

I have made profitable and regular use of the You Bible App narrated by Alexander Scourby. In my judgment, Scourby is the best Bible reader available in the English language. I am very pleased now to see the availability of this Bible App for iPhone and iPad. In addition, I am pleased to see continual software updates for this Bible app for the iPhone and iPad.

You Bible App Customer
I have owned and reviewed hundreds of apps. Many of the apps I have owned and reviewed are religious and inspirationally based. This You Bible App is far and away the best of both worlds. Alexander Scourby’s narration is the most profound and powerful reading of the Word. That, mixed with the many functions of this clever Bible app, make it worth 10 times the price I paid. I look forward with great anticipation to whatever else these clever folks come out with soon!
You Bible App Customer


Lisa of Haddon

This Bible app is very easy to use and beautifully designed. This Bible app perfectly compliments the majesty of the King James Bible and Alexander Scourby’s immaculate voice makes this Bible app my perfect Bible companion. Very highly recommended.

You Bible App Customer
The You Bible App playlist feature is awesome. The You Bible App provides the functionality to play Bible verse in sequential order, one after the other which is super. Good job.
Larry Delacruz
Great App!
The You Bible App sharing feature is one feature I use a lot. I’m always finding a nice inspiring verse to share. I get a lot of great comments back.
Gail Jamison
Bimodal presentation is ideal. Hearing and reading Bible verse at same time is the best way to study the Bible. Having the You Bible App sync the text and audio and highlighted Bible verses as narrated by Alexander Scourby is a great hands free experience.
Thomas Milligan
Dr. Lotze spent the time to listen and was very through. I have now recommended him to friends.
Kara Tucker