I agree with Theology Degrees ranking You Bible App # ! for Bible Study.  What makes the You Bible App #1 for Bible Study is the Apps advanced Bible verse search and sharing feature.

Bible Study starts with being able to quickly find the right Bible Verses for your Bible Study. The You Bible App enables the user to quickly search for Bible verses either via a Word search, or by a Book, Chapter and Verse search. Once the user locates the Bible verse they are looking for, they then can copy the selected verse to a Playlist or a note pad. The user can then send those Bible Study Verses via email, text, FaceBook or Twitter, and share them with Friends, family or their Bible Study group. No other Bible app has that feature.

Another key component that makes the Scourby Bible App the best Bible Study App is the Voice of Alexander Scourby. Studies have shown that when you users can read and hear something at the same time, it adds to comprehension, understanding and remembrance. This Scourby Bible App was ranked  # 1 by both Theology Degrees and Chicago Tribune. If you missed that article you can see it here.


Visit Scourby.com and listen to Alexander Scourby read selected Bible Verses and see if you agree with the Chicago Tribune and Theology Degrees.

Mary Brown