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You Bible App® Narrated By Alexander Scourby

Alexander Scourby is one of the most celebrated Bible Verse narrators worldwide!

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You Bible App® Features

  • Read-along Bible verses are highlighted as narrated by Alexander Scourby.

  • Personalize your playlist of audio Bible verse.

  • KJV Bible app user-interface is easy as pie.

  • Bible app offers exceptional admin dashboard choices.

  • KJV Bible app search by word, phrase, book, chapter, and verse.

  • Bible app dashboard settings personalize your Bible verse playlist.

  • Bible app offers dashboard choices for font and background.

  • Bible app functions on mobile phones, tablets, iPads, laptops, and desktops.

  • KJV Bible app offers Bible verse history settings.

  • Bible app offers bookmarks to last Bible verse.

  • Bible app offers dashboard settings for day-night viewing.

  • Bible app sleep timer settings 10, 20, 30, 60, 120, 240, or 480 minutes to fall asleep.

  • Bible app dashboard settings to change font size and font type.

  • Bible app dashboard settings for volume control and audio mute features.

  • Bible app look-up at Church to instantly find book, chapter, and verse.

  • Loop Mode Feature for memorization and bible study training.

  • Bimodal Bible App offers written word and narration by Alexander Scourby.

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KJV Bible App

Litchfield Associates (Litchfield) offers the You Bible App based upon the King James Bible narrated by Alexander Scourby.  The You Bible App® is one of the most popular Bible apps on iTunes® and Google® Play Store.

Alexander Scourby narrated the KJV Bible and quickly became widely known as the “Voice of the Bible.”

Alexander Scourby’s narration of the KJV Bible has been enjoyed by millions of Christians worldwide available on Bible App, Cassette, CD, and Mp3.

Litchfield has upgraded the You Bible App® to offer studio-quality narration by Alexander Scourby.

More About You Bible App®

The brand name You Bible App® is a popular KJV Bible app. The You Bible App® works flawlessly on Android® devices and flawlessly on iPads® and iPhones®.

The You Bible App® also works flawlessly on laptops and desktops for both operating systems Windows® and Mac® computers.

2.2 Billion Christians Worldwide Rely Upon The Bible

Litchfield Associates retained Alexander Scourby to narrate the Audio Bible Mp3 in Voice only and Dramatized Bible verses.  Both the Voice only and Dramatized Bible verses are very popular Bible readings. Please sample the dramatized Bible verses to the right. Click below to order the Audio Bible Mp3 Audio Bible in Voice only, Dramatized or order both and get a discount. You will download them to your computer first and then you can transfer the files to your Mp3 player, iPod or to iTunes.  Order today and listen to the “Voice of the Bible” read your favorite Bible Verses to you.


Dramatized Bible Verse Samples

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All Other Downloads Are Half-Price!


Digital Downloads

  • You Bible App for Android phone and tablet narrated by Alexander Scourby
  • You Bible App for Windows and Mac laptop and desktop narrated by Alexander Scourby
  • Mp3 audio Bible for voice-only and dramatized narrated by Alexander Scourby
  • Coming of Christ Mp3 audio download narrated by Alexander Scourby
  • Jesus Chronicles Mp3 audio download narrated by Alexander Scourby
  • The Indestructible Book 28-minute video presented by Dr. Ken Connolly
  • The Prophecy of Israel 60-minute video presented by Dr. David Reagan
  • The Christmas Story narrated by Alexander Scourby
  • Voice Only 60 CD set (entire Bible) narrated by Alexander Scourby
  • Voice Only 2 DVD’s (entire Bible) narrated by Alexander Scourby

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Pope Francis Offers Clear Guidance


On Sunday, March 5, 2017, Pope Francis spoke to a gathering of people within St. Peter’s Square and follows:

Christians should care about reading God’s messages in the Bible as much as they care about checking messages on their cellphones, what would happen if we turned back when we forget it, if we opened it more times a day, if we read the messages of God contained in the Bible the way we read messages on our cellphones? The Bible contains the word of God, which is always relevant and effective. What would happen if we treated the Bible like we treated our cellphones?

Pope Francis correctly recognized that most everyone has a cellphone as a necessary part of life. The Pope asked 2.2 billion Christians a probing question, What if they carried a Bible with them, and depended on it, like they carry and depend on their cellphones?

The exciting news is the entire King James Bible narrated by Alexander Scourby can be downloaded right to believer’s mobile devices and all 31,102 Bible Verses in the King James Bible can now be available for instant access anytime and anywhere. Believers can download a Bible app for iPhone or Android devices. The Bible App has studio quality audio, and features no other Bible App offers, including text and audio synced together. Each Bible verse is put into its own Mp3 file that is searchable and can be shared with others. Users can also build custom playlists and share both, the Bible verses and the playlists, with family and friends. This Bible App is best on the market and Alexander Scourby, according to the Chicago Tribune, has the greatest voice ever recorded. In fact he is regarded as the “Voice of the Bible”.

To answer Pope Francis’s question, What would happen if we treated the Bible like our cellphones? Probably change the World! Utilize this Bible App on your mobile phone to experience the Bible in a whole new way. Share your favorite Bible Verse with Pope Francis and tell the him you now have the KJV Bible on your cellphone. The Pope will be thrilled!

Bible App Features

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You Bible App Testimonials

Bimodal presentation is ideal. Hearing and reading at the same time is the best way to study the Bible. You Bible App syncs Bible verse with audio Bible narration. You Bible App highlights each Bible verse as Alexander Scourby reads KJV Bible verse aloud. You Bible App is a great hands-free experience.

Thomas Milligan, Charlotte, North Carolina

I am telling everyone about Scourby Bible App. I love how I can listen to one Bible Verse or many Bible Verse, for 30 minutes or extended play for 8 hours. This Bible App is a real faith builder for me, “Faith cometh by hearing”. I am renewing my mind with this Bible App daily. I love the Bible App’s audio speed selector, to speed up the narration or narrate slowly. Alexander Scourby is by far the best Bible narrator helping me to deeply hear the Word of God, the way it should be heard. Thank you for this great product and may God continue to bless you.

Pastor Michael Coleman, Waterloo, Iowa

You Bible App offers a “sharing” feature and is a Bible verse feature I use a lot. I’m always finding a nice inspiring Bible verse to share with family and friends. I get a lot of great comments each time I share Bible verse.

Gail Jamison, Lexington, Kentucky

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