History of the Bible

History of the Bible

From 400 BC To Present Day

One of the oldest books in the world is the Bible. The Bible has been revised numerous times over the span of 2500 years. The Bible has survived wars, schisms, and the rise and fall of several empires.

The current Bible is commonly accessed utilizing the You Bible App.  Let’s review the Bible’s historical path shown below:

Date: 443 BC

The Bible dates back to before 443 BC. The first indication of a Bible appears when the Hebrew Old Testament was published and distributed in 39 books.

Date: 70 AD

Greek New Testament was written between 70 AD and 150 AD. Since 150 AD, the Bible was revised several times to make the Bible historically accurate and subsequently translated to English.

Date: 1384

In 1384, John Wycliffe translated the Bible and published the Bible in the English language in England. John Wycliffe was a Pastor and Professor at Oxford University.

Translation: Holy Bible

1n 1384, John Wycliffe utilized his scholastic prowess and exceptional translation skills to rewrite and publish one copy of the Holy Bible in England. This translation undertaking took 10 months to complete at a cost of 40 pounds.

Date: 1455

In 1455, Johann Gutenberg invented the printing press. The invention of the printing press led to the publishing of Gutenberg Bible in Latin and distributed throughout developing Christian nations.

Date: 1603

In 1603, Queen Elizabeth died whereupon the crown was handed over to King James. In 1984, King James ordered an English language Bible by translation of the Hebrew Bible. The undertaking of the English language Bible lasted several years.

Date: 1611

In 1611, The KJV Bible was completed, whereupon the KJV Bible became the most popular Holy Bible throughout the world. Directly following the release of the KJV Bible the poorly educated society found difficulty understanding the bible because the vast number of Christian citizens could not read.

Narrated Bible Verse

In 1611, in order to overcome widespread illiteracy throughout Christian nations, King James ordered the Church of England to establish local Bible Readers to narrate Bible Verse so that all Christians could learn the Word of God.

Apple & Android Bible App Narrated By Alexander Scourby

In 2008, Apple introduced the first smart phone, and opened iTunes and began offering the iPhone app. Quickly thereafter, Litchfield developed the iPhone Bible App available from Apple’s iTunes Store. Litchfield also offers a Bible App for Android devices, tablets, iPads, laptops, desktops, and Mp3 downloads. This new application software permitted all 31,102 Bible verses to be put into individual Mp3 files which made the files searchable. The company then created a Bible Verse sharing feature and also a custom Playlist that users could then import their favorite Bible verses to and share both the Bible Verses and Playlists with others.

Alexander Scourby

The Story of King James Bible

This video is only 29 minutes long, but it’s one that you will never forget. It also will give you a new appreciation for the King James Bible and those that gave their lives so we could have a Bible in English,

This video is about how the world got its first official English Bible, called the King James Bible published in London England in 1611. Did you know that thousands of people were killed in 15th century England because of a law, that made it punishable by death, for anyone to speak or write words from the Latin Bible in English. This video is only 29 minutes long, but it’s one that you will never forget. It also will give you a new appreciation for the King James Bible and those that gave their lives so we could have a Bible in English.

Why The King James Bible Is Best

This video documents the proliferation of English Bibles since the King James Bible was first published in 1611. Today there are over 100 different Bibles in English. Where did all these English Bibles come from? Are they all saying the same things, if not why not?

What motivated the writing of so many different English Bibles? See how all the modern day English Bible translations stacks up against the original 1611 King James Bible. Which Bible today is the most accurate and authentic? You will discover the answers to that and much more in this video.