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The Holy Bible App Is The Solution To Getting Closer To God

In 2007, the world woke up to a new addition to the tech world; the Apple smart iPhone. The following year, the brand opened its app store to sell apps for its iPhones. In December 2008, Litchfield Associates saw fit to add the Holy Bible App to the list to run on the iPhones. It was one of the best moves ever made.

Have the bible texts on your phone with a narrator talking you through? And all that from a small device that could comfortably fit in your hand and pockets. The narrator? Alexander Scourby was reading from the King James version with the narration and text synced together. Until today, no one narrator could match the iconic voice. Don’t take our word for it. Even the Chicago Tribune wrote that Alexander Scourby’s voice was the greatest recording of all times.

Holy Bible App

Apple was the first to come out with the smart iPhone in 2007. In 2008 they opened their App store and sold apps for their iPhone. Litchfield Associates was the first company to create a Holy Bible App to run on the iPhone in December of 2008. It was the first time that a user could have the text of the Bible and a narrator read that text to them on a small device they held in their hand. The narrator was Alexander Scourby, the text was the King James Bible and they were synced together. There is no better narrator of the Bible in the world than Alexander Scourby, in fact, the Chicago Tribune wrote that Alexander Scourby has the Greatest Voice ever recorded. You can listen to that voice in our demo reels on the home page.

Any Updates To The Holy Bible App?

There have been several updates to the Scourby You Bible App since 2008. Fast forward to 2013 when Litchfield gave iPhone users something better after acquiring a trademark for the “Ultimate Bible App” name. It was called ‘ultimate’ courtesy of the cutting-edge features you couldn’t find in any other Bible App. For starters, users could effortlessly know the bible verse being read. The audio and text were synced together, with the active verse highlighted in color. The full search engine could also sieve out books, chapters, and verses for a specific word or phrase. That’s not even all. Users didn’t have to connect to an internet connection to tune in and listen. The Holy Bible App featured remotely on the user’s mobile device.

But perhaps the best feature was the custom playlist. This way, users didn’t have to forget their favorites. You could select your favorite bible verses and incorporate them into your custom playlist. Let’s put it into perspective. Say you are searching for bible verses with the word ‘hope.’ You can place them into a custom playlist with the title ‘hope.’ It doesn’t stop there. You can go ahead and rearrange the verses in your playlist according to your preferences and needs. Taking the order as they appear in the list, the Bible App will play the verses to sync the audio and text together. And if your friend has the You Bible App, you can share each other’s playlists.

So much focus has gone to various media platforms in this digital era. You can further share your bible verses on the playlist with a personal note on Facebook, Twitter, email, or text.

What’s The Latest Release Of The Holy Bible App?

In June 2017, the 4.0.2 version was upgraded to better serve users as the best Audio Bible App available. Picture the remastering of the entire bible narration of Alexander Scourby to state of the art. Without a doubt, the Scourby You Bible App is living up to the ”Ultimate Bible App” trademark name established back in 2013.

Want to turn your intimate moments with God into a worthwhile experience? Join millions of users who have downloaded the Scourby Bible App to their personal devices.

Everything has been made convenient in this digital age, including the Holy Bible App. It has been adapted in several ways to ensure a special experience for users. What are you waiting for? Download it today to get started!