KJV Bible Superiority

The Superiority of the King James Bible


The KJV Bible was initially published in 1611 AD. The KJV Bible has suffered attack and withstood the test of time for more than 400 years. The KJV Bible deserves Christian support based upon the totality of scholastic achievement utilizing superior text, translation, technique, and theology.

Superior Text (Hebrew and Greek)

The KJV Bible is worthy of Christian support because KJV Bible contains superior Bible Verse text (Hebrew and Greek). There exists various versions and various perversions of the Bible Verses . The common denominator of various Bible verse perversions is the inclusion of inferior Bible verse text. (Hebrew and Greek).

The KJV Bible contains superior Hebrew Bible verse text. A materially inaccurate Bible verse text written in Hebrew was edited by Ben Asher. A true Hebrew Bible verse text was edited by Ben Chayyim. The materially inaccurate Hebrew Bible verse text edited by Ben Asher is exhibited in Rudolf Kittel’s Biblia Hebraica (BHK) 1937. That 1937 edition contains inaccurate Hebrew Bible Verse text edited by Ben Asher also contains all of Ben Asher’s suggested footnote changes. Another more recent publication is known as the Stuttgard edition of Biblia Hebraica (BHS) also containing all of their suggested footnote changes.

The YOU BIBLE APP offered by Litchfield contains an accurate Hebrew Bible verse text edited by Ben Chayyim. Litchfield offers the KJV Bible APP for download on this website. The YOU BIBLE APP on this website contains studio-quality narration of the complete KJV Bible by Alexander Scourby. Prior to his death, Alexander Scourby achieved worldwide acclaim and remains widely known by untold millions of Christian faithful as “The Voice of the Bible.”

The true Hebrew Bible verse text edited by Ben Chayyim is commonly referred to as the Daniel Bomberg Edition also known as Second Great Rabbinic Bible (152425). That edition contains the Masoretic Hebrew Bible Verse text and King James Bible verse text in the margin.

The Ben Chayyim edition (Masoretic Hebrew Text) is the edition Litchfield believes to accurately reflect the truth within Word of God as shown in the KJV Bible.

The Superior New Testament Bible Verse Greek Text

As it relates to Greek Text, Litchfield encourages Christian faithful to refer to the TABLE in the KJV Bible relating to the New Testament Greek Text. The Trinitarian Bible Society (TBS) published their Bible Verse text. The TBS took their text from Dr. Frederick Scrivener. Scrivener was commissioned in 1885 by Cambridge University Press to determine the precise Greek Bible Verse text which was translated into the KJV Bible. Scrivener set down all of the Greek words used by the KJV Bible. Scrivener also bolded text for all of the alterations made by editors Westcott and Hort in their 1881 English Revised Version Bible. Rather, Scrivener inserted the exact Greek Bible Verse Text alterations in the footnotes. The bold Bible Verse text consists of the additions of Greek words, subtractions of Greek words, or changes of Greek words.

Scrivener’s Greek edition contains 647 pages which would average 217 Greek words per page. This average is consistent with those findings published by Textus Receptus.

There are numerous versions and revisions of the Bible Verses which contain as many as approximately 10,000 disputed Greek Bible Verse Text alterations. The YOU BIBLE APP is not utilizing any of those near-10,000 disputed Greek Bible Verse Text.

KJV Bible Verse Translation

The word “readability” as it relates to the KJV Bible Verses amounts to the level of difficulty or ease of reading of the KJV Bible Verses. A popular myth floated by a segment of the naysayers suggests the KJV Bible Verses is purportedly too difficult to read, therefore the readability score would be elevated. However, the readability score for the KJV Bible Verses is rated 6.1 to 8.6 which is widely known as the Flesch Grade Level. Those scores indicate a readability level between 6th and 10th grade.

D.A. Waite, Jr. wrote a study he titled “Six Bible Versions Compared On Readability” wherein Waite compared KJB, NKJV, ASV, RSV, NRSV, and NIV. Waite utilized the first chapter of every book in the Bible from Genesis through Revelation and compared those six versions of the Bible.

In Waite’s sampling, the KJV Bible rated a Flesch Grade Level of 6.1 to 8.6 whereas the NIV Bible version rated 6.1 to 11.0. The NIV Bible is less accurate and less readable than the KJV Bible.

The KJV Bible Verses is a true read of the Word of God. Publishing a less difficult Bible verse for the sake of making reading easier defies the will of God. The Word of God is not subject to revision simply to create an easier read, yet several of the trendy Bible versions have done just that, to change God’s words in order to craft Bible Verses easier to read.

The King James Bible Verses Offers Superior Technique

The KJV Bible Verses offers superior translation technique. The KJV Bible Verse translators used superior language techniques by seeking verbal equivalence and formal equivalence, not dynamic equivalence.

Several more modern Bibles have achieved more or less trendy outcomes by achieving an inferior technique known as dynamic equivalence. These flawed interpretations of the Bible offer verbal and formal equivalence.

Alternatively, the KJV Bible Verses utilizes a technique known as formal equivalence. Translators preserved the literal meaning of Hebrew and Greek words while translating to English. A literal translation of the KJV Bible Verses is the only plausible outcome, and any other maligned version constitutes a sin, because the Word of God can not be changed, altered, or maligned but by sin.

The KJV Bible Verses Has Superior Theology

The KJV Bible Verses offers superior theology. Several Biblical experts believe that Greek Bible verse Text variants do not adversely affect theology or doctrine. Those same Biblical experts also believe that a modern English Bible version does not contain changes from the KJV Bible Verses that affect theology or doctrine. Other Biblical experts argue that theology and doctrine are altered based upon slight and uncertain changes in translation can result in a false reading and the disturbing loss of the true Word of God.


The KJV Bible Verse text is the true Word of God as translated into English. This true Bible Verse reading should be defended by faithful Christians. If any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book. Rev 22:19

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