Do you desire to know God better and are asking why read the bible every day or regularly?

Read the holy bible every day and allow Christ to touch your soul.

Your gladness will be overflowing as you reflect on Love and kindness. You’ll exclaim, like the psalmist, “Oh, how I love your law!” – Psalm 119:97


Why Do You Need To Read The Bible?

The Bible is a precious book, a gift from God to us so that we might understand Him personally. Understanding and then doing Christ’s Will, God talks to us in several ways.

Today, God mainly communicates via the Bible, prayers, circumstances, as well as the church, particularly through the Holy Ghost, and that is the importance of reading the Bible regularly.

Even though we can learn from Him in a variety of ways, reading His Word allows us to recognize His words.

Unfortunately, this unique asset is frequently neglected and underestimated. Rather than being eager and reading the holy bible frequently, it remains unused on a bookshelf, gathering dust.

Its pages are flawless, instead of worn and tattered from heavy usage.

The following are among the importance of reading the Bible regularly.


It Reveals God’s Plan For Our Lives

No Bible scripture advises us on what job to pursue, where we should live, or who we should marry.

However, the Bible’s proclamations, instructions, commands, and inspiration provide us with a very specific and indisputable understanding of God’s intention for everyone in every element of life.

How many of you have considered this? God, personally, inspired the Bible! It is His Scripture, which contains His knowledge, kindness, intents, judgments, and heart.

We should be so eager about why should we read the bible, studying God’s words and he will reveal his plan for our lives.


The Word Nourishes Us

We are nourished and equipped for daily Christian lives when we read the holy bible. “Man shall not live on bread alone,” Jesus remarked in Matthew 4:4.

“Your words were found, and I ate them,” Jeremiah 15:16 states, “and your word became the gladness and joy of my heart to me.”

We get the elements we need to survive and stay healthy by eating real food. We can work full time, work out, and enjoy time with families and friends because we have enough energy.

We feel helpless, fatigued, and even irritated if we miss a meal. And if we continue to skip meals, we risk developing more serious issues, such as disease.

Likewise, whenever we take spiritual food, we are nourished in right to survive our Christian lives.

However, when we are away from God’s Word for an extended period, we might become spiritually weak, fatigued, grumpy, or unable to deal with situations effectively.

We grow more vulnerable to temptation, uncertainty, and other forms of spiritual illness. We just do not have the resources to deal with the numerous issues that face Christians.

Thus we must read the holy bible by studying and dining on God’s Word each day.

We require to read the holy bible to get spiritual sustenance from God’s Word to live a healthy and even joyous Christian life.


The Bible Is Used To Teach Us

Our religion is founded on God’s Word, not even on our thoughts or conceptions, thus all Believers must understand everything God’s Word teaches.

We will ultimately read the holy bible and obtain a basic understanding of God as well as the principles of God if we study the Bible regularly.

Mastering our Alphabet is a good analogy for acquiring this basic information. It is difficult to read or write if we do not learn the letters and numbers.

We must first master our Alphabet to comprehend even the most basic book or compose a letter.

Through His Word, God gives us a tremendous and precious gift. We not only are spiritually enlightened but also bathed and fed within by reading it and this shows us the importance of reading the bible.


It Will Assist You In Developing Stronger Bonds With Other Believers

Another importance of reading the bible is finding a companion with whom you can discuss God’s word may be very encouraging.

When you both read the holy bible each day, you can encourage each other to keep going when one of you is going through a difficult time and this gives us more reasons why should we read the bible.

You might well be able to locate an elderly knowledgeable Christian person who reads with you if you’ve been to church.

They might even be willing to sit down with you and study and worship with you. Alternatively, you may meet up with some friends at school.

It’s a terrific time to think and pray for one other as you attempt to live for Christ when you sit together now and talk about the importance of reading the bible.


Scripture Is Uplifting

It is impossible to have a happy life. Our Christian life is full of trials and tribulations. God, on the other hand, fosters delight in all of them, so he does it according to the Bible.


Where Can I Learn More About The Bible?

Scourby will teach you more about the Bible and why read the bible, giving you even more reasons to visit the Scourby and learn more.