Well, it depends.

Regular Bible study is essential for all Christians. However, using cell phones for Bible study can hinder the end goal, which is to understand the word of God, His promises, and teachings that are useful in helping you live in righteousness and under God’s will.

Bible study, in simple terms, refers to a session whereby you study the word of God alone or in a group to learn something as God chooses to reveal it to you. While it sounds easy, it comes with its setbacks, which can make Bible study successful when solved.


How To Use A Cell Phone For Bible Study?

Cut Off Distractions

Bible study requires your full attention. However, the cell phone is full of distractions, making it hard to concentrate with beeps and notifications popping up every second.

To have a successful Bible study session alone or with other people, cutting off the distraction can help! There are many app and notification blocking apps that can help block out the noise and distractions, and you can have some quiet as you study the Bible.


Have A Notepad

The point of Bible study is to learn something new or understand something from the Bible. The old-fashioned way would be to have a Bible, notebook, and pen. However, in the digital era, where things are simpler, with just your phone, you are sorted.

When using your cell phone for Bible study, you must ensure that you have somewhere to note down what you are learning as it is revealed to you. A notepad app comes in handy here.


Use The Available Tools

Using cell phones for Bible study has its perks. Most Bible Apps come armed with excellent audio tools, highlighters and posters, share buttons, and bookmarks.

With these tools, you can mark favorite readings or related verses to help you understand God’s word better or relate to different words or promises of God. Utilizing these tools helps make Bible study easier, with readings so easy to access at any time for reference.


Be Accountable

Dong Bible study at church is excellent since you are not alone. However, if you do it alone as part of your devotion, you might get lazy and forgo it. While most Bible apps come with options on whether or not to share your journey and stay accountable, you can also find ways to be accountable to the Bible study.

You can share a verse of your Bible study on a platform every day without fail or have a calendar on which you mark after a successful Bible study session.


Have Fun With It!

Bible study is fantastic because you get to spend time learning about God and receiving revelations with each verse. What better way to have fun than to create something from the session?

Some Bible study apps come with poster makers, which are a fun way of using your creativity to share something or to make something memorable and fun about your encounter during Bible study.


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