The King James Bible app Scourby is the only app that provides a king James bible audio for the listener.

Most apps will provide similar features but none comes close to the personal presentation of what the Scourby app offers.

It comes with the Incomparable voice of Alexander Scourby as ‘The bible voice.’ That is enough to get you excited about listening to the King James Bible online!


Here’s Why Scourby King James Bible App Is The Best!

Scourby Holy Bible King James Version App – Provides A Word For Word Narration

When you download the bible – King James Version, using the Scourby app, you will receive a word-for-word narration of the entire bible.

Alexander Scourby, the narrator of the holy bible – King James version app, maintains a tone variation that’s extremely captivating to the reader. This recording project of the King James Bible audio took him four years to complete.

His audio has been extensively used to reproduce different forms of King James bible online versions, and it has also been developed and re-mastered for use in technologically advanced media such as Apple platforms, Android, Nook environments, and Amazon.

This is the only King James Bible audio that was mentioned by the Chicago Tribune as the best holy bible King James version app with excellent narration.


Scourby – New King James Bible App: Reads The Bible In A well-articulated Presentation

The Scourby King James Bible audio is arguably one of the only apps online today that provides a personalized and well-articulated presentation of the bible through the resonant voice of the narrator, Alexander Scourby.

When you select the different verses meant to be read, his voice can capture the incredible bible stories, and the app also renders a playback option that helps bring the narrator right into your room.

All you have to do is select the verse you wish to listen to, then hit play. You can listen to the King James bible online for as long as you want.


The King James Version Bible App – It Is Ideal for Bible Studies

This New King James Bible App – Scourby is ideal for Bible studies as it provides a quick way of reading through the whole KJV bible within a short period of time.

It only requires 72 hours for you to get through the whole King James Bible online. This is less than 40 hours of work weeks. How awesome would it be to clear the Bible in under 72 hours?


The Scourby King James Version Bible App – It Is A Representation Of The Past!

Well, this King James Bible App is a representation of the past. Around the time of Christ, bible teachings were always done verbally, where the spoken word was read out loud as few people were able to read.

When you download The Bible King James version, using the Scourby App, you get to experience the ancient methods of presenting the bible.

Litchfield and associates are the owners of the Scourby Narration productions and they are the developers of the Scourby King James Bible audio app.

Download the Scourby app today.