If you would like to read the Bible but don’t want to carry the big book around all the time, then you should consider downloading a mobile bible app on any smartphone.

Most apps are accessible for free, and they allow you to read the bible on the go. One of the best however is the Scourby online bible download.


Here’s How to Read The Bible On Your Phone

For generations, only monarchs, intellectuals, and preachers had access to the Bible. Many Christians had to attend church to listen to the Bible recited, chanted, prayed for, and preached.

But, the printing press transformed a person’s connection with God’s Word. The Bible became more widely available, biblical literacy soared, and the Revolution started.

The emerging digitalization is reminiscent of what occurred many years ago. The ability to access the holy bible online is a huge privilege to Christians, but it is sometimes underrated.

Here are a few ways of reading the holy bible online on your phone.


Get A Bible App For Your Phone

To read the Bible online, look for an online Bible download such as the Scourby app,  and download the holy bible online on your phone or tablet.

The Scourby online Bible download app is free, and it includes several translations, reading schedules, and devotionals.

Read the app store reviews to understand just how good this app is.

It comes with audio features, allowing you to hear the holy bible online readout, and also in multilingual translations. Alexander Scourby, the voice behind the Scourby app has been lauded as having one of the best and most engaging voices by the Chicago Tribune.


Choose A Bible Translation

Because the Bible is an old document, it’s been translated by several groups into different versions.

While the basic concepts and sentiments remain the same, some versions of the Holy Bible download may employ more outdated languages which may be complicated to understand.

Examine a couple of the versions available to discover which one you prefer. There are more than 60 English versions to pick from. Explore some before settling on one.

The number of books in the Catholic and Orthodox Bibles is more than in the ordinary Protestant versions.

If you’ve been to church, look for the online bible download translation that has been used during the service.


Set A Reading Timer For Each Day

Find a regular time every day to read your online bible download. This will soon become a habit. Give it a calm moment, such as before you begin your day or once everything has calmed down at night.

Try to get at least 15-20 mins of reading every day. To make reading more relaxing, read in a relaxing environment, such as a cushioned chair or even in bed.


Get A Companion Or Group

If you struggle to read the holy bible online and concentrate on your own, find other people who would wish to start a reading plan with you.

To keep one another responsible for their reading, meet together regularly and share what you’ve learned from the holy bible online.

Several churches and religious organizations provide regular Bible studies that you can attend.

To begin, see whether your church offers any clubs or a daily reading program


Advantages Of Accessing The Holy Bible Online

Here are several advantages of reading the online bible download if you want to have it on your phone.


Ease of Accessibility

Because of the internet, God’s Word is now free and accessible to more persons than ever before.

Scripture is available in many translations and languages via websites and apps, as well as via social networks, videos, and other forms of communication.

Tablets and phones can magnify type and alter fonts, allowing individuals of all ages to connect with God’s Word.

The holy bible online is now more readable, affordable to more persons, and easily accessible than at any time in human history. If you adore God’s Word and bring it along with you, you may concentrate on it all day.


Toolkit For Finding Information

Many Believers have been through this scenario: somebody asks questions, and you believe there is a verse in the Bible that answers it, but you can’t recall where this is.

Searching the online bible download for solutions is a worthy endeavor. The search options in the holy bible online from your smartphone can help you identify specific chapters and show you recurring words or phrases throughout God’s Word.

Traditionally, finding the occurrence of terms required consulting a concordance, a big dictionary-like volume found in the back of certain study Holy bible.


Download Now

Download the Scourby App today, and start your journey towards a mobile bible reading culture. All the best.